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Advanced fixed configuration logic analysers

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AGILENT Technologies Inc .has expanded its industry-leading logic analyser portfolio with eight new fixed-configuration models that comprise its next-generation 16800 series. The new Agilent 16800 family of analysers offers high-performance measurement capabilities in a smaller, fixed-configuration package with advanced features at an affordable price.

Electronic design teams in the computer, communications, semiconductor, aero/defense, automotive and wireless industries continue to produce increasingly sophisticated hardware designs. Designers use logic analysers to validate and debug those designs. New testing challenges associated with high-speed designs make having highly capable logic-analysis tools an essential element of each design team's test process. Agilent has addressed these needs with the new 16800 family.

The Agilent 16800 series offers eight logic analyser models- all equipped with an industry-leading 15-inch display and optional touch-screen interface. The touch-screen interface has been a hallmark of Agilent's modular logic analyser systems for more than 20 years, but has never before been available in a fixed-configuration model.

Touch-screen capability offers fast, intuitive interaction, and works well when limited bench space hinders the use of a mouse and keyboard.

Agilent's 16800 series quadruples the industry's maximum fixed-configuration memory depth to 32M samples. Products with this acquisition depth were previously only available in higher-priced modular logic analysers. In addition, three models offer an integrated digital stimulus that allows design teams to quickly emulate missing components, inject faults and assist in performing design characterisation.

Benefits of the new 16800 series logic analysers include:

*All eight 16800 series models, ranging from 34 to 204 channels, provide 4 GHz timing sampling (250ps resolution) simultaneously with state measurements, eliminating the need to double probe.

*Unique in the industry, the models allow for independent installation of acquisition-memory-depth and state-speed upgrades, enabling digital development teams to purchase what they need today at a lower price, and to have the ability to upgrade memory depth or state speed as their needs grow. For example, 16800 users can start with a system configured at 250 MHz state speed and 1M acquisition depth; as their needs grow, they can upgrade to 450 MHz state speed and up to 32M acquisition depth.

*Microsoft Windows XP Pro user interface and the optional touch-screen display make the models extremely easy to use.

Sigi Gross, general manager of Agilent's Digital Verification Solutions division, says that for the first time, design teams who purchase fixed-configuration logic analysers will have access to advanced capabilities previously found exclusively in more expensive modular systems. Gross adds that the 16800 series' usability and features are highly influenced by feedback from Agilent customers. Agilent focused on delivering important new capabilities and great usability at an affordable cost.

Additional information on Agilent's new 16800 series Logic Analysis System and the company's complete line of validation and debug tools are available at www.agilent.com/find/16800. Product images are available at www.agilent.com/find/16800_images.

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