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6GHz high-impedance differential probe

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article image Agilent E2696A InfiniiMax.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced the industry's first general-purpose 6GHz active differential probe that allows users of spectrum and network analysers to make high-impedance measurements on differential signals.

The new Agilent E2696A InfiniiMax active differential probe enables engineers to measure and quickly validate differential signal designs.

Differential signals offer a high level of immunity to interference and coupling, while also lowering RF interference, making it easier to design products that conform to regulatory standards.

For these reasons, engineers are increasingly using differential signals in microwave differential amplifiers and balanced mixers used in products such as radar, GSM mobile phones, handheld electronics, multimeters and counters.

The Agilent E2696A InfiniiMax active differential probe is the first probe that enables engineers to use their network and spectrum analysers to make high-performance measurements directly on differential signals without compromising usability.

The differential probe offers exceptionally low 320 fF differential input capacitance for minimal reactive loading and disturbance of signals in the system under test.

The probe's variable spacing and Z-axis compliant tips make it easy to probe differential signals on a variety of target configurations.

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