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40 Gbps backplane assembly

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AGILENT Technologies and TDA Systems have demonstrated the industry's first signal integrity model of a 40Gbps backplane assembly.

The 40Gbps backplane assembly runs 16 times faster than today's 2.5 Gbps backplanes. The new signal integrity modeling capability helps engineers design interconnect products, such as backplanes, that run at higher speeds than ever before. Interconnect devices such as printed circuit boards, cables and connectors and integrated circuit packaging are used in a variety of products, including high-speed backplanes, servers, routers and computer peripherals.

Agilent's new physical layer test system software (PLTS v2.0) provides a direct data import link into TDA System's IConnect MeasureXtractor automated model extraction tool. This enables digital designers to use Agilent PNA Series network analysers to obtain the industry's best measurement accuracy by a factor of five. Accurate modeling shortens design cycle time, which makes the prototype process faster, reduces the number of printed circuit board turns, and provides a better understanding of how differential transmission lines work.

TDA Systems addresses the need for efficient, easy-to-use solutions for measurement-based signal integrity and failure analysis of gigabit interconnect links and devices. TDA Systems' IConnect is the preferred tool in the signal integrity industry for measurement-based signal integrity analysis of gigabit interconnects. The IConnect MeasureXtractor allows designers to obtain an accurate measurement-based model of the interconnect with a press of the button.

Traditionally, the most common signal integrity tool available to digital designers has been time domain reflectometers (TDRs). Vector network analysers (VNAs) offer a higher dynamic range and a lower noise floor compared to TDRs, enabling designers to develop models that perform accurately at higher frequencies in simulators, including Agilent Advanced Design System, Synopsis HSPICE, Cadence SPECCTRAQuest and Mentor Graphics ICX.

Agilent's PLTS v2.0 is now able to make measurements with TDRs as well as VNAs. PLTS provides an easy-to-use calibration wizard that saves time by enabling engineers to calibrate 4-channel TDR instrumentation in approximately 40 minutes. Previously, complete 4-port calibration would have taken up to four hours.

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