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4.2 GSa/s high-resolution arbitrary waveform generators from Agilent Technologies

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article image 4.2 GSa/s high-resolution arbitrary waveform generators

Agilent Technologies  has announced the 81180A arbitrary waveform generator, a new generation of instrument that bridges the trade-off between bandwidth and bits. The 81180A arbitrary waveform generator is a new class of instrument, an arbitrary waveform generator that provides greater bandwidth and higher resolution.

Until now, engineers had to decide between the optimal bandwidth and optimal signal quality for their application. But many of today's applications require high bandwidth and high-signal quality. For example, to ensure measurement reliability in aerospace and defense (A&D) applications, high performance and good dynamic range is a must.

Transferring high-volume data requires digital modulation capabilities with a high dynamic range. With Agilent's new 81180A arbitrary waveform generator, test engineers can achieve both: up to 1.5 GHz bandwidth and 12-bit vertical resolution.

The advanced sequencing in the 81180A arbitrary waveform generators support complex arbitrary waveform. Three levels of sequencing, combined with 64M point's memory, allow engineers to set up complex real-world signals. The dynamic control connector lets real-time applications control the waveform and allows external select sequences.

Benefits of the Agilent 81180A arbitrary waveform generators:

  • Versatile signal generation, including flatness, low overshoot and excellent signal performance, required to test today's, and tomorrow's, complex devices;
  • A function generator for efficient measurements.
  • High-bandwidth signal generation with very low harmonic distortion and unique flatness to ensure reliable measurements;
  • Integration with Agilent's Signal Studio, MathWorks' Matlab and National Instruments' LabVIEW software, providing a whole solution approach and easy integration into the customer's environment

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