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article image Agilent EMDS simulation.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced its Electromagnetic Design System (EMDS) for RF and microwave circuit designers.

The Agilent EMDS is the leading performance tool for its price point, and integrates with Agilent's industry-leading RF and microwave circuit design and simulation flow.

Circuit designers have recognised the benefits of accounting for 3D EM effects when designs include passive structures such as component-level bond wires, connectors, packages and machined parts.

Because the high-end 3D EM simulators on the market demand a much higher price than common circuit-simulation tools, RF and microwave engineers have often skipped the EM analysis step, relying instead on "best guesses" regarding 3D EM effects on circuit performance.

Agilent's EMDS provides a 3D EM solution at a price comparable with leading circuit-simulation tools, so more designers can afford to have it on their desktops.

EMDS allows analysis and visualisation of EM effects that provide insight into the design performance. Designers can use it to make informed decisions and adjustments before physical prototyping begins.

This reduces or eliminates costly design iterations, and can save months in a typical product-development cycle.

This first release of the Agilent EMDS provides basic design-flow integration with Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS), allowing users to bring layout designs from ADS into EMDS for full 3D analysis.

Agilent plans to include increasing levels of integration with ADS and with the company's GENESYS environment.

Agilent's ADS offers a complete set of front-to-back simulation and layout tools and instrument links for RF and microwave IC design in a single, integrated design flow.

GENESYS, from the former Eagleware-Elanix product line, is a single, integrated electronic design automation environment for RF and microwave applications.

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