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1U LXI digital multimeter introduced by Agilent

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Agilent Technologies has introduced 1U LXI digital multimeter, providing test system integrators with measurement speed and throughput of 50,000 readings per second at 4-1/2 digits accuracy.

With its reduced 1U size, the multimeter is perfect for space-constrained applications such as aerospace/defense depot test.

The Agilent L4411A 6-1/2 digit high-performance DMM expands Agilent's industry-leading offering of LXI system products.

It offers high measurement performance and a choice of computer interfaces, including LXI, providing high-performance, easy-to-use and economical I/O.

A simple display, including new reading and LAN address, allows the system integrator to quickly integrate and debug the test system.

The L4411A features a compatibility mode, requiring little-to-no code change to upgrade a test system with next-generation capabilities.

According to Agilent, the Agilent L4411A provides a high-performance digital multimeter in a low-profile package for customers with space-constrained applications.

This product continues to add to Agilent’s growing portfolio of LXI products, giving engineers more tools to develop test systems quickly.

Dramatic system performance

Whether it is raw reading speed or fast system throughput, the Agilent L4411A sets a new benchmark in performance.

Using a new A/D technology, the L4411A achieves an impressive 50,000 readings a second at 4-1/2 digits and can stream readings to a computer at the same speed.

Transactional I/O single-reading measurement and I/O is three times faster than other popular modular DMMs, significantly enhancing test throughput.

Triggering is fast and precise, with both trigger latency and trigger jitter less than 1 microsecond, while bus query response is less than 500 microseconds.

ACV measurements are faster as well, because of the digital measurement technique that improves accuracy at high and low frequencies.

The Agilent L4411A has an E1412A/34401A emulation mode to ensure the easy upgrade possible, virtually eliminating costly software and documentation changes.

Agilent's I/O library suite ships with the L4411A to help users quickly establish an error-free connection between the PC and the instrument.

It provides robust instrument control and works with the software development environment chosen.

As an LXI Class C-compliant instrument, the L4411A has a built-in graphical web interface that allows the user to interactively control the DMM without the hassle of programming and which is great for quick system debugging.

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