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Aggreko launches new package cooling tower

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Aggreko, international suppliers of temporary power and temperature control solutions has introduced a new addition to its fleet in the form of a package cooling tower capable of heat rejections in excess of 10000 kW.

Aptly called the CT 10000, this in-house designed cooling tower can be delivered and connected up within a matter of hours to ensure ongoing productive output of various applications in general Industry and HVAC.

The CT 10000 has all the functions of modern cooling towers and operates on the induced draught counter flow principle.

The only moving parts are the fan motors. There are no belts and pulleys or gearboxes used, with the three axial fans being direct drive.

The CT 10000 comes complete with variable speed drive for close control applications and a dosing unit which can easily tie in to an existing water treatment system.

A spokesman for Aggreko stated that the design revolves around the companies need to satisfy its clients high water flow requirements quickly and effectively with heat rejection equipment that is reliable, rugged and versatile enough to be utilised in any application, also the nature of the Aggreko business being installations of a short term nature means that we can offer high efficiency fill materials reducing the heat exchange surface area.

This dramatically reduces lay down area as space is normally a premium at various sites.

The CT 10000 can be placed adjacent to a large field or factory erected cooling tower and augment or replace the duty requirements while repairs or general maintenance is being carried out.

The CT 10000 is also ideal for peak load conditions during the summer when existing cooling systems may have insufficient heat rejection capacity.

The CT 10000 comes complete with an integral sump and can be used as a completely separate unit or form part of an overall system.

The performance of the CT 10000 has been independently tested and certificated using the CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) guidelines and all capacities are guaranteed by Aggreko. The CT 10000 is now in operation throughout Australia and overseas.

The CT 10000 is not for sale. The CT 10000 was designed and built exclusively for Aggreko and its specialized temperature solutions.

Programs such as the CT 10000 are part of the Aggreko ongoing research and development so that customers can be assured of state of the art equipment, even if it is only a temporary requirement.

Aggreko has extensive temperature control rental fleet available offering Chillers, both air and water cooled up to 1500 kWr capacity, Cooling Towers, Air Conditioning units, Air Handlers, Pumps, Dryers and Heat Exchangers.

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