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THE AdsML Consortium has released AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 following member-wide balloting that confirmed the proposed AdsML XMP AdTicket Specification as an approved specification.

The XMP AdTicket Schema allows key advertising metadata, that would normally be exchanged in hard copy, to be embedded into digital artwork files, such as PDFs.

This information is stored permanently in the PDF file. The AdTicket specification, like other AdsML specifications underwent a controlled development process that included multiple reviews by Consortium members, a period of public review and comment, changes based on the public comment phase and a balloting period for member approval.

AdsML Framework 2.0, Release 8 has been approved for general release as of October 1, 2006 and represents the final version of the Framework 2.0 development series.

It is a stable release that is the choice of users and vendors who are planning to implement print media advertising supply chain integration solutions. To download the new release, visit http://www.adsml.org.

Also included in AdsML 2.0 Release 8 are backwards-compatible changes to the AdsML Bookings, AdsML Materials and AdsML TypeLibraries schemes that improve usability. Additional maintenance changes, also backwards-compatible, were made to several other specifications.

The AdsML Framework for E-Commerce Business Specifications for Advertising (AdsML Framework) is the first international data-exchange initiative for managing the electronic transfer of information between all trading partners in the print-media advertising supply chain.

The AdsML Consortium has developed an open specification for e-commerce that has unified and extended existing initiatives for print-media advertising and advanced the capability for automating the print-media advertising supply chain. The AdsML Framework specifications ultimately will govern all types of advertising media, through all stages of an advertisement's lifecycle, for all segments of the worldwide advertising industry.

The Consortium is sponsored by Ifra, a leading international association for newspaper and media publishing, IDEAlliance, a leader in information-technology solutions for the graphic arts print industry, and the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), which represents more than 2,000 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

The Consortium's strategic partners are Agfa , Associated Newspapers Ltd. and Time Inc. The Consortium's members include more than 70 companies and organizations united to create a set of media-neutral, internationally-adopted specifications and business processes for the digital exchange of advertising information and content.

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