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Digital solutions suites for graphic enterprise workflow

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AGFA’S new Digital Solutions Suites are software and hardware packages designed to make next generation printing solution providers more productive and efficient.

The suites simplify the daunting task of building a robust value-added, project management and prepress workflow infrastructure from the ground up.

The Digital Solutions Suites combine elements of Agfa’s hardware, software and services to make it simpler for printing solution providers to update, unify and link customer, business and prepress departments.

Each level in the Digital Solutions Suites includes the latest version of Agfa software including the JDF- and PDF-powered :ApogeeX workflow and :Delano project management. It also includes Agfa’s Expert Services, Agfa’s enterprise computing hardware solution, :Salient and Agfa’s dynamic publishing and digital asset management system, :Arcadia.

Each suite eliminates long installation times and immediately enables value-add services to drive print production.

Democrat Printing & Lithographing Company of Little Rock, Arizona (USA) has been using Agfa CtP solutions since May 2001. More recently, Democrat Printing took advantage of one of Agfa’s Digital Solutions Suites to create whole new levels of standardisation and automation.

“During difficult times in the industry it is even more important to improve your processes and find savings for your customers,” said vice-president, Democrat Printing, Larry Brown.

“Faster turnaround times and less expensive file processing have become increasingly important for our customers to remain competitive in their industries,” said CtP supervisor, Democrat Printing, Christy Miners.

“:Delano and :ApogeeX will allow us to attain a level of automation for online submission and approval to meet our customer’s needs. Our new workflows will put us on the frontline of technology.”

Using web-based :Delano, Democrat Printing will feature automated submission and StreamProof soft proofing, simplifying job submission and approval for customers and CSRs. Internally, :Delano will help improve job tracking and efficiency by using :Delano’s JDF features to integrate MIS, prepress and press systems to optimise workflow.

Agfa’s three distinct suites satisfy the needs of particular market segments, each with varying degrees of automation options, depending on the application:

* :Publishing Suite – designed for publishers, in-plants and trade shops that control and produce graphic files but do not handle the print themselves. It is focused on creative project collaboration and delivery of final Certified PDF files to printers.

* :Production Suite – offers the most efficient means for workflow automation today and is ideal for printers who currently receive Postscript and PDF files.

* :Enterprise Suite – for larger organisations that are still dealing with native customer files or working with customers collaboratively during the creation process.

“The Digital Solutions Suites integrate the workflow all the way from content creation to delivery of the final product, providing everything a solution provider needs to get started in a new automated digital workflow,” said Agfa’s senior marketing manager, Digital Solutions, North America, Deborah Hutcheson.

“The convenience of bringing all the pieces together at once provides publishers of all types, trade shops, in-plants, speciality and general commercial printers tremendous cost savings, reduced cycle-time, integrated relationships and added convenience.”

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