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Agfa launches new thermal printing plate

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article image :Amigo – stability and consistency.

AGFA has announced the launch of the :Amigo thermal plate, the first addition to its portfolio of ThermoFuse plates. ThermoFuse is Agfa's patented imaging technology made popular by the success of the :Azura chemistry-free plate with well over 400 installations worldwide.

With :Amigo, Agfa brings the benefits of this advanced technology to higher volume printers, including the VLF market.

Agfa's ThermoFuse technology physically forms the image during exposure. After imaging, the plate requires only a clean-out step to remove the non-image areas. As a consequence, plates based on ThermoFuse technology offer an exceptional stability and consistency.

In the case of :Amigo, the non-image areas are removed with a clean-out solution (instead of the gum used for :Azura). This gives the plate higher productivity and a longer run length. Additionally, the plate can be baked for even higher runs.

The :Amigo clean out can be done in almost every processor in the market, so it requires no additional investment. Chemical consumption is extremely low, with replenishment rates between 30 and 50ml/m2.

The cleaning latitude is extremely wide - one batch of solution can clean out up to 5,000m2 of plate. As a result, processor maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The :Amigo wide press latitude is also the result of Agfa's new Flat Substrate Technology. The aluminium substrate offers improved water carrying properties thanks to more homogeneous graining and anodising.

The negative-working plate requires no preheating with press runs up to 200,000 without baking and up to 500,000 with baking.

Because :Amigo has a high chemical resistance, it can be used in combination with a wide variety of ink - fountain combinations, including alcohol substitutes and UV-inks.

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