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Agfa family offers new levels of automation, quality and functionality

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AGFA has announced the addition of new proofing and output capabilities to ApogeeX and the release in North America of :ApogeeX Prime and :ApogeeX Imager, two of the newest members of the :ApogeeX family of products that cater to specific market needs. :ApogeeX is available with different levels of functionality for those customers who require different levels of automation.

:ApogeeX Prime and :ApogeeX Imager

:ApogeeX Prime is a fully featured prepress workflow system that runs on a single platform. It includes PDF creation, preflighting, imposition, rendering, trapping and proofing.

The system is primarily designed to accommodate the throughput and functionality requirements of smaller commercial printers that are looking for an affordable solution.

:ApogeeX Prime’s architecture provides several options to expand its functionality, including an upgrade to :ApogeeX Commercial for increased productivity.

:ApogeeX Imager provides an affordable distribute-and-print network using JDF by performing page imposition and plate imaging at remote print sites. Working in tandem with the :ApogeeX Commercial workflow system and :Delano project management system, the system lets users maintain a fully equipped, centralised prepress site for processing tasks, such as PDF creation, preflighting, PDF trapping and proofing.

:ApogeeX Imager minimises the workflow investments at remote sites where normally only final imposition and plate-making are required. The :ApogeeX Imager can be scaled to a multi-platform system for driving a group of CtP imaging devices for enhanced plate-making. Other options are available to enhance the standard functionality, including an upgrade to :ApogeeX Commercial, offering users flexibility to grow.

New proofing and output capabilities in :ApogeeX

New to :ApogeeX is the Remote Proofing Controller, which generates reliable and predictable colour-managed digital proof files that can be delivered to remote print buyers for easy downloading to a :Sherpa proofing device. This eliminates the need to render it again, ensuring the integrity of the remote proof.

Agfa’s :QmsX (Quality Management System) guarantees every contract colour proof from any :Sherpa proofing system - whether it is in the next room or in a remote location - will deliver consistent, repeatable colour time after time.

In addition, :ApogeeX offers improved spot colour and duotone reproduction with the addition of SpectraSpot, which provides accurate spot colour mixing within :ApogeeX. This is especially important to all packaging printers who depend on precise colour replication for specific brands.

An :ApogeeX for every situation

The various levels of :ApogeeX include:

* :ApogeeX Light – provides job management and rendering for film, plate or proofing requirements

* :ApogeeX Prime – a complete prepress production system running on a single platform for automated production and comes standard with PDF creation, preflighting, imposition, trapping, plate making and proofing

* :ApogeeX Imager – provides JDF-enabled distribute-and-print technology from an :ApogeeX host site to remote print facilities

* :ApogeeX Commercial – is a fully integrated, digital workflow management solution for prepress production, configurable to the most demanding production requirements

* :ApogeeX Packaging – is a packaging-specific prepress automation tool that seamlessly links with packaging specific front-end and output systems

* :ApogeeX Proofer – provides built-in colour management and quality control, delivering absolute proofing accuracy within a non-Agfa workflow

* :ApogeeX Create Pro – a server based intelligent PDF creation tool provides any content creator with the required tools and processing power to generate reliable PDF files for print production.

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