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Glass painting and floral design services from Ageless Leadlights

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Ageless Leadlights  offers glass painting and floral design services to residential and commercial constructions. Ageless Leadlights provides the following styles of glass painting services; Victorian, Artdeco and Edwardian styles of glass designs. Ageless Leadlights provides customised design services for its clients with architectural design needs. Ageless Leadlights designs a range of glass paintings suitable for installations in houses, office interiors, churches, restaurants and public halls. Ageless Leadlights offers restoration, sandblasting, copper foiling, mosaic, glass painting and floral design services through a range of flooring materials and glassware.

The sandblasted designs from Ageless Leadlights are available in a variety of styles and designs. Ageless Leadlights designs an extensive range of glass panels suitable for residential installation. The Williamstown project, Federation design project, Melton Baptist Church project, St Margaret Mary's Parish project and The Sisters of Mercy project are some of the design projects completed by Ageless Leadlights. Ageless Leadlights also supplies a range of design tool kits.

The complete tool kit distributed by Ageless Leadlights is available with Scope 80w iron, cutting fluids, x2 polishing brushes, horse shoe nails, grozing pliers, glass cutters, running pliers, wire brushes, lead vice, lead knifes and tool box.

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