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Residential gas available from Agas National

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Agas National  supplies liquefied petroleum gases for residential, household, industrial and commercial applications. The LPG supplied by Agas National is suitable for vehicle and forklift applications. Agas National offers quality services to its clients in industrial and commercial sectors. The residential gas supplied by Agas National is suitable for a range of household applications. LPG can be stored and transported in liquid form and used in gas form. The liquefied petroleum gas supplied by Agas National can be used as a reliable energy source for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial applications.

LPG is manufactured as a by product of oil refining. The carbon dioxide emission rates of the liquefied petroleum gases are relatively low which makes it as an environmentally sustainable energy source for industrial and residential applications. Agas National supplies cost effective and quality liquefied petroleum gases for residential and commercial needs. Agas National offers quality customer support services. Agas National supplies its liquefied petroleum gases in 45Kg cylinders.

The liquefied petroleum gases supplied by Agas National are suitable for a variety of residential applications including heating, barbecues and cooking.

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