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Wooden pallets versus plastic pallets

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Affordable Pallets  specialises in the supply of wooden and plastic pallets.

Use of a wooden pallet or a plastic pallet depends upon the application. The choice is based on factors such as safe transportation of valuable stock, budgetary considerations and even health issues.

For instance, hardwood pallets are recommended for applications involving long term repeat usage of pallets as they are ideal for storing on racking, and are made to the Australian Standard size to fit cost-effectively on truck trays. Heavy duty hardwood pallets are also available second hand to meet budget requirements.

Wooden pallets are more cost effective than plastic pallets, and also suitable for use as global export pallets as long as they are fumigated to ISPM15. Wooden pallets can be additionally re-used, repaired and recycled.

Plastic pallets on the other hand, are specified by many pharmaceutical and food companies for the transport and storage of their products. Though more expensive than wooden pallets, plastic pallets offer the additional hygiene factor with their ability to be cleaned and sterilised as required.

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