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Affordable Pallets offer a range of wooden and plastic pallets which can be customised to match individual requirements.

Pallet materials available include:
  • Wooden Timber Pallets
  • Hardwood Pallets
  • Pine Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
Recycled Wooden Pallets
These wooden pallets can be recycled and are environmentally friendly.
Other features and benefits include:

  • Fumigated pallets (ISPM15 International Standard) can be used for exporting
  • Pallets are structural platforms that enable efficient handling and storage of goods
  • Second hand pallets allow customers to make cost savings
  • Repairable
Also come in an almost unlimited number of types and sizes:
  • Standard Pallets
  • Custom Pallets
  • 4 way entry pallets suitable for efficient export container packing
  • ISPM15 export pallets which are accredited for export to any country in the world
These wooden and plastic pallets are suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical industries as well as outdoor storage of goods, warehouse storage, manufacturing, import or export business, supply chain, transporting, storage and distribution of raw materials and completed products.
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    03/04/13 - Affordable Pallets offers second hand Euro pallet collars or Euro pallet toppers that incorporate hinges and can be easily folded down for storage when not in use.
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    20/03/13 - Affordable Pallets offers pallet stencilling, an ideal way to brand pallets with the company’s name and logo for greater visibility.
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    04/03/13 - Affordable Pallets supplies their export pallets with an ISPM15 timber treatment certificate to avoid any hassles going through customs.
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    22/02/13 - Wooden pallets available from Affordable Pallets can be re-used, re-sold and repaired, benefitting the end user immensely.
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    13/02/13 - Affordable Pallets offers ISPM15 certified pallets for exporters to ensure smooth delivery through customs.
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