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Marl's expansion to meet growth in demand for 'green' lighting

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LED lighting specialist Marl International has invested £150,000 to double manufacturing output at its Ulverston, Cumbria facility to meet the growing demand for green lighting technology. This latest announcement brings the total investment made by Marl in its UK manufacturing facility to £270,000.

The plant's line has been specially modified to handle PCB boards of up to 600mm long, which are commonly required to replace conventional lighting products.

Additionally, Marl is ramping up its output of LED lighting modules that act as a direct replacement for much less efficient lighting technologies, and will also soon enter the electro-mechanical module assembly business, aiming to match offshore pricing with quality, UK-made products. Marl's new line can assemble 22,000 surface mount components per hour including LED diodes onto printed circuit boards.

Marl MD Adrian Rawlinson explains that LED lighting can be 20-60% more efficient than standard lighting technologies, lasting up to ten times longer and providing an instant, controllable source of illumination. Marl’s ability to design and manufacture LED lighting modules entirely under one roof in Ulverston gives the company key advantages over competitors including a shorter lead time in bringing the latest and efficient LED lighting technologies into the market.

Operations Director, David Moorhouse adds that Marl fills a key gap in the market for UK customers who would like to use LED lighting in place of less efficient technologies, but lack the capability to assemble the specialist devices and associated circuits. Marl’s bespoke product is a direct drop-in replacement for the less efficient solution and speeds up the adoption of efficient LED lighting technology.

Marl has installed new machinery including a Nutek NTE0710XL single magazine line loader, a DEK03iX SMT screen printer, which eliminates the need for chemical cleaners as well as a Mydata MY9 SMT placer and a BTU 100a oven.

Marl’s products are available in Australia through Aerospace and Defence Products .

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