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Marl metal panel LEDs available from Aerospace & Defence Products light the way for local rescue team

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article image Marl LEDs on the Ulverston Inshore Rescue Lifeboat

Robust, waterproof LED lights donated by Marl International have been installed on the deck of a Ulverston Inshore Rescue craft to ensure it’s easily located even in extreme weather conditions.

Marl’s 699 series of metal panel LEDs, from Aerospace & Defence Products , have been fitted to the deck of the Humber Rescue RIB, one of the craft which provides support and rescue to visitors and residents of Ulverston and the surrounding areas.

These LEDs were chosen for their high optical performance, reliability, and resistance to shock, vibration and salt water due to internal potting and sealing specifications in excess of IP67. Numerous colour options are available, but red was chosen to be easily detected yet not to cause any interference with the night vision cameras which are used in night-time rescues.

Bruce Chattaway, Station Officer of the Ulverston Inshore Rescue Team said that Ulverston Inshore Rescue Team can be out in any kind of weather, day or night in an emergency and locating the rescue craft over the vast and rugged areas they cover is not always easy. Their 14 strong rescue team are all volunteers and Ulverston Inshore Rescue Team rely on donations and fundraising events. The support of local companies is appreciated as it makes the jobs easier and safer.

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director, Marl International said that, Marl International have great respect for the Ulverston Inshore Rescue team and were pleased to be able to help in supporting their efforts as they provide an invaluable service.

This project required a product that can stand up to the extreme conditions and LEDs from Aerospace & Defence Products were the ideal solution, and due to their waterproof ruggedness and longevity, they will help out for many years and rescues to come.

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