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Marl LUMOluce LEDs available from Aerospace and Defence Products

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Marl presents the LUMOluce LED series featuring a click-and-go driver and connector system to simplify installation.  

Halogen lighting can be quickly replaced with very efficient LED lighting using the Marl LUMOluce Power LEDs.

Offering a superior output of 125 lumens for Warm White and 190 lumens for Cool White, these LEDs feature a very effective lens/reflector combination to produce a light output of 650 lux at a distance of 1 metre with a viewing angle of 40º for a 2.5-watt Cool White LED module.

LUMOluce LED lighting offers advantages such as energy savings, cost savings, longer lifetime and more homogeneous light pattern.

Marl also offers a wide range of LED drivers for the LUMOluce LEDs range with or without dimming.

The control range of a dimmer when connected to the L05021 MiniDim LED driver is different than when connected to a conventional light bulb because LEDs emit more light at lower power levels unlike conventional bulbs.

The L05021 MiniDim LED drivers can function with most common trailing edge dimmers and also have the ability to dim loads from as small as 2.5W. The MiniDim's built-in electronic minimum dimload simulation helps the dimmer to perform better at such light loads.

Benefits of the L05021 MiniDim LED drivers:

  • Long lifetime due to the absence of electrolytic capacitors
  • Primary dimmable with trailing edge dimmers
  • Minimum dimload simulation for better performance under light loads
  • High power factor: 0.9
  • Thermal, short circuit, overvoltage and open circuit protection
  • Small contemporary design
  • Clamp connectors for fast assembly
Marl LED lighting solutions are available from Aerospace and Defence Products .



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