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Marl LED lighting solutions available from Aerospace and Defence Products

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article image Marl white LED luminaires

Marl white LED luminaires are designed to offer the excellent reliability, long life and low power characteristics of LED technology without compromising the appearance of the ambient lighting environment.

Marl Warm White LED luminaires offer the warm, diffused output of incandescent bulbs, whilst Cool White delivers crisp clear illumination to displays of jewellery and similar items.

The ready-to-fit Marl white LED luminaires offer brilliant illumination solutions for applications ranging from mood and display lighting to task lighting.

Key features of Marl white LED lighting fixtures:

  • Compatible with most industry standard fittings
  • On-board drivers enable simple interconnection to 12-40VDC or AC mains power sources
  • Optional IP67 sealed fittings for exterior use and ground-fitting units with a 2-tonne load bearing capacity for drive-over installations
  • Optional DALI interfaces available on most fixtures


Marl RGB LED lighting solutions

Marl also offers RGB LED lighting solutions featuring colour changing lighting technology that mixes light colour at source.

Advanced RGB light engines mix light colours at source to eliminate annoying effects in stunning lighting displays. Marl colour change lights fade elegantly from colour to colour while giving the appearance of a single, homogenous light source.

Marl RGB colour change lighting solutions include built-in DMX drivers that allow direct addressing by control consoles. These LED lighting solutions are available in a wide range of standard and bespoke fittings including linear lights for wall washing.

Marl white and RGB LED lighting solutions are carefully engineered to ensure maximum electrical efficiency and long service life. Advanced CAD software is used to design a heat sink thermally matched to the characteristics of each LED source and fixture, to keep junction operating temperature to a minimum.

Marl LED lighting solutions are available from Aerospace and Defence Products .

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