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LumenRay XVP LED vandal proof lights from Aerospace and Defence Products

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Available in Australia from Aerospace and Defence Products , the LumenRay XVP is a range of LED vandal proof lights designed specifically to provide efficient lighting in extremely harsh environments.  

LumenRay XVP LED lights were specifically designed and developed in response to a request from the Cook County Correctional facility for vandal proof lighting that would withstand the daily abuse from prison inmates.  

Correctional facilities are particularly challenging operational environments where inmates typically tear apart light fixtures, store illegal contraband inside the fixtures, use fixture components as tools or weapons and frequently throw objects directly at the fixtures in an attempt to damage them.  

Incorporating advanced LED technology, LumenRay XVP LED vandal proof lights are designed to withstand maximum abuse and provide a brighter light using less energy with each unit consuming about 40 watts of power while also offering the additional benefit of a prolonged lifespan in an extremely demanding environment.  

LumenRay XVP LED lights can be used in correctional facilities, parking garages, healthcare/ psychiatric facilities, military bases, schools, airports and any facility that requires vandal proof lighting, helping facility managers to protect their investment from damaging abuse while also saving money in energy costs.  

Key design features of LumenRay XVP LED vandal proof lights:  

  • Rugged construction features aircraft grade extruded aluminium housing
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens offers 250 times the impact strength of glass
  • Patent pending mounting and installation hardware method creates an impenetrable light fixture
  • Energy efficient light fixtures use only 40 watts of power

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