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Electra high intensity light module released

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Marl effectively combines bright LED arrays with over 30 years of UK based design and manufacturing expertise, to offer an extensive range of high quality, efficient and durable LED lighting products.

Electra high intensity light module is a pioneering product development, that can be used with current MR16 and GU10 fittings, providing an intensely pure white and warm white lighting effect by utilising the new cutting edge LED technology.

This powerful luminaire enables accurate and brilliant illumination in numerous applications from mood and display lighting to task lighting and benefits from all the advantages familiar with LED technology that include long lifetime and exceptional reliability.

The Electra comes as a complete module with heatsink, driver, cable clamp and wiring block attached for ease of installation.

Light modules come with a choice of optic; Medium, Wide or Linear.

All products are available in warm white or cold white.

Specifications (typical)


  • Body: Black Anodised Aluminium
  • Lens: Clear Polycarbonate
  • Termination: Screw Terminals


  • LED Tj = 55°C
  • Input Range: 12-40Vdc
  • Input Power: 6W typical
  • Efficiency: 85% typical
  • LED Forward Voltage: 7.6Vdc typical
  • Operating Temp:-40°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • MTBF (typical 25°C): >70,000 hours
  • LED Regulated Current: 350 / 700mA


For a simple yet effective way of mounting the Electra Light Module, a front bezel,which is available in three finishes; Black Anodised, Chrome Plated or Brass Plated. Each option comes complete with a retaining nut and wavy washer. Marl is able to offer customers specific finishes on the bezel if required.

A more classic style in the form of an 80° adjustable fixture is also supplied. This is available in Chrome, Brass and White.

Part Number                Description

725-000-00-50            Bezel + Nut Chrome Kit

725-000-00-51            Bezel + Nut Brass Kit

725-000-00-52            Bezel + Nut Black Kit

725-000-00-60 80°     Fixture, Bezel + Nut Chrome Kit

725-000-00-61 80°     Fixture, Bezel + Nut Brass Kit

725-000-00-62 80°     Fixture, Bezel + Nut Black Kit

725-000-00-63 80°     Fixture, Bezel + Nut White Kit

Please note this kit has a white fixture and chrome bezel.

Power Supply

Input range: 90 to 264Vac, Full range

Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz

Power Factor: >0.90 at full load, 115Vac

Inrush current: 40.0Amps maximum at 230Vac, cold start, 25°C

Input current: 1.0Amp maximum at 90Vac

Efficiency: 80% typical at 230Vac and maximum load

EMI filtering: 47CFR, Part 2, Part 15 and Cispr PUB, 22 Class A

Maximum power: 60W

Current Accuracy: ±1%

Load regulation: ±3%

Ripple/Noise: 1%

Leakage Current: 500uA typ.

Hold up time: Half cycle minimum at 120Vac and 80% of rated load

Protection: Over-voltage, Over current and

Short circuit protection. Auto-recovery

This unit will run: 16 Electra Modules at 350mA

8 Electra Modules at 700mA

Wiring Procedure

  • Wire the mains supply (100-240Vac) to the AC input terminals of the PSU.
  • The PSU should be positioned as close to the first Electra as possible. No more than 0.5m away.
  • Using standard 2 core flex (0.75mm²) wire the + DC output from the PSU to terminal marked L on Electra.
  • Wire the - DC output from PSU to terminal marked N on Electra.
  • The terminal marked with an earth symbol on the Electra is not used.
  • Additional Electra units can be wired into the system up to a maximum of 8 700mA or 16 units 350mA.
  • Using standard core flex (0.75mm²) wire additional Electra units linking L to L and N to N of additional units.

(PSU refers to our Power Supply Unit part number: LP1060-12-TT-170)

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