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Maxis ll blind maker is a complete flatbed cutter system for making holland and roman blinds as well as canvas awning skins. Several patterns can be marked and creased, scalloped edges cut and sides squared in the one operation without moving the fabric on the cutting table.

Using simple software, the operator on the factory floor can produce patterns from an order form ready for nesting and cutting. Alternatively complete queues of patterns can be automatically generated from factory sales system.

The Maxis ll is a highly developed flatbed cutter system used by several major blind manufacturers. The Maxis ll flatbed cutter is available in a range of sizes with options including laser alignment pointers for pattern matching and fabric feeders with integrated light boxes for fabric fault checking.

  • Any holland style
  • Any roman style
  • Any canvas style
  • Cut, crease, and scallop
  • Simple software
  • Customisable designs
  • Rolling blade cutter
  • Carbide creasing tool
  • Pen markers
  • Optional drill~punch
  • 10 second blade changes
  • Australian made
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy servicing
  • Low purchase price

Aeronaut Automation Pty Ltd has answers to enable holland, roman blinds and awnings be designed quickly and efficiently. Two easy to use programs design canvas awnings, holland and roman blinds ready for flatbed plotting and cutting. New trims and fabric can be added to both programs by the user with simple drag and drop.

Aeroblinds is a stand alone program intended for use on the shop floor or design office where size and pattern information can be entered directly from an order. Aeroblinds does not require any special skills to use, and does not tie up expensive computers.

  • Holland and roman patterns can be generated as an editable list containing patterns from a single material style, or batched orders from your front office software can be automatically processed into ready to cut queues.
  • Exported patterns are stamped with the order number and size so they can be easily tracked. Trims can be edited and new trims can be added by the factory using a text editor or CAD software. Pin width deductions, extra drop, cut off trims, centre marking and extra panels are all supported by this new version of the program.

Aeroawnings is a companion stand alone program which allows the rapid design of awning skins.

Scallop depths and spacing are matched to the pattern repeat of the selected fabric. Users can enter and save their own standard fabrics, scallop styles and pattern repeats for later use.

  • The width of scallops along join seams can be altered to allow already wide sewn blinds to be finish cut on the plotter with all the scallops at the right spot on the pattern.
  • A marker is positioned at the base of a scallop to allow the pattern to be matched in the plotting software where patterns snap to striped grid lines in the fabric queue.
  • Both programs are being used by many blind makers, and can be customised by the user, or by Aeronaut to suit a manufacturer’s scallop styles, fabric and design preferences.

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