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article image Cape York Trailer's designs stay ahead of market needs.

CAPE York Trailer's has found that the Maxis II plotter-cutter from AeronautAutomation meets all their selection criteria providing accurate and repeatable marking and cutting of the fabric, and enough design flexibility to be able to economically customise the product to suit individual customers.

"As a growing company which struggles to find skilled and reliable staff, our challenge is to manufacture the best camper trailer tents," Ted Bailey of Cape York Trailers said.

"We have since discovered that this can only be achieved through an automated plotter-cutter."

Tanya Bailey agreed: "Our tents are now cut, creased and marked by our Aeronaut Maxis II plotter-cutter in record time and fault free,” she said.

“The great aspect about the Maxis II is it works like a dog and doesn't back chat. After doing extensive research we felt sure that with a Maxis II plotter cutter we would be able to expand our business.

“By purchasing a larger 7.2 metre table we are also able to manufacture shade sails, for our Undacova Shade Structures & Sails business. The Aeronaut developed software we are running with the Maxis II enables us to create perfect shade sails, so the Maxis II plotter has become an absolute asset to this company."

To maintain and strengthen their position in the market, as well as to ensure the ability tocustom build to clients needs, Ted and Tanya Bailey went about the search for a suitable automated canvas design and cutting system and found that the Maxis II plotter-cutter from Aeronaut Automation met all their criteria..

Theirs was a challenge faced today by much of Australia's local manufacturing community; the move away from mass-production toward what can only be described as "mass customisation".

Cape York Trailers is a division of Ahern Metal Industries, which is a privately owned family run business of around 20 locally skilled people, based in Cairns. Cape York Trailers have been manufacturing a full range of aluminium trailers and custom-built camping trailers in Queensland since 1987.

Their camping trailers can be customised to suit clients’ individual needs and are built to handle the tough terrain of Far North Queensland and the rugged conditions of Australia.

Continuing research and development keeps Cape York Trailer's designs up to and ahead of market needs.

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