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Aerocom Australia's air tube systems not just for transporting cash

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article image Pneumatic air tubes can be used to transport a wide variety of items, potentially over quite large distances

While they are commonly used in retail environments, Aerocom Australia supplies air tube systems to a variety of industries for transporting items securely and efficiently.

With a transfer speed of six to eight metres per second, air tube systems can save time and energy, allowing staff to better manage their time and improve workplace efficiency.

Items weighing anywhere from one gram to 28 kilograms, and up to 30cm in diameter and 50cm in length can be transported in Aerocom's pneumatic tube systems, including:

  • paper
  • coins
  • bank notes
  • blood samples
  • medicine
  • spare parts
  • documents
  • X-ray films; and
  • hot steel samples.

Aerocom supplies these systems to a variety of industries, from supermarkets and cinemas to workshops, hospitals and steel works.

The company delivers custom-made air tube systems for all sizes of companies; from a two-point system up to a micro-processor controlled multizone system up to 512 stations. They can be installed practically anywhere, with options available for horizontal or vertical installation.

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