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Conveyor system from Aerobelt Australia

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Aerobelt Australia  offers conveyor systems to chemical and mining industry along with bulk handling of foods and grain products. Aerobelt Australia provides assistance in development and design of conveying systems. Aerobelt Australia develops one of the reliable conveyors in terms of designing the plenum and trough, airtight assembly and fastening techniques with the help of modern manufacturing technologies. Aerobelt Australia offers turnkey, cutting down installation as well as operating cost. Aerobelt Australia in addition offers support and services in terms of bulk handling industry.

The Aerobelt is an air cushioned belt conveyor. In this the belt is carried on a film of air. Air is blown into the tubular through sections by a small fan. One fan is sufficient enough for over hundred meters of belt conveyor. Aerobelt conveyors are almost friction free as there are only few moving parts. Assemble of the product offered by Aerobelt Australia is much easier with its simple construction procedure. The reversibility feature of Aerobelt enhances the efficiency in both direction of the feed.

The modular construction of Aerobelt simplifies assembly that inturn leads to lower installation costs. It is also possible to extend or shorten the conveyor in order to suit future needs. There are no troughing rollers to be replaced or greased. Aerobelt has lower energy consumption and longer belt life. Aerobelt’s technology results in less conveyor noise because Aerobelt only requires guide rollers at the head and tail of the conveyor.

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