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article image Adam-5510 controller -- C programmable.

ADVANTECH's ADAM-5510 is a compact standalone controller with an Intel x86-based CPU. Offering a full "C" programmable I/O library, the ADAM-5510 is equipped with an 16-bit microprocessor, making it the ideal solution for data acquisition and control applications.

Designed as an open PC based structure with advanced capabilities for computing, communicating and controlling, ADAM-5510 frees users from the limitations of PLC's, being able to freely integrate and expand the system.

The design of the ADAM-5510 adopts the popular RS232/485 communications protocol, which effectively allows it to operate as a standalone unit or within a distributed control system.

The ADAM-5510 series offers abundant spare memory for developing complex or logic data storage applications. In addition to its 256kB of Flash ROM, the ADAM-5510 offers 256kB Flash memory plus 256kB of SRAM, 60kB of which is backed up with a lithium battery.

Delivering speedy communication, it is equipped with two independent communication ports, capable of simultaneously communicating with RS232, RS485 devices.

Advantech's ADAM-5510 series supports a complete line of industrial I/O modules including digital I/O, analog I/O, counter, relay actuation and special purpose I/O modules such as T/C and RTD.

It also offers well-stocked (Borland) C libraries, including system resource functions, I/O functions, popular algorithms and communication functions.

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