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Smart web/Ethernet I/O modules

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article image The ADAM-6017 data acquisition module.

ADVANTECH has released a new addition to its industrial automation family, the ADAM-6000 series.

The series is a group of smart web/Ethernet I/O modules developed to integrate I/O data acquisition and networking into one module to provide a cost-effective, and true, remote monitoring and control solution to build a seamless, distributed monitoring and control solution for a variety of applications.

Through de-facto standard Ethernet networking, the ADAM-6000 series retrieves I/O values from sensors and publishes these real-time data to networking nodes over local LAN or WAN.

Based on the popular Ethernet networking standards used in most applications today, the ADAM-6000 is easily added to existing networks or new Ethernet enabled e-Manufacturing networks.

Equipped with 10/100Mbps Ethernet chip, it supports Modbus/TCP protocol over TCP/IP and UDP/IP allowing real-time data to be gathered from any ADAM-6000 Ethernet module.

Smarter than traditional I/O modules, the ADAM-6000 has the ability to provide counters, pulse or delay output functions, Max/Min/Av calculations and PID loop control functions.

In addition, each module is embedded with a web page to display real-time data I/O values, alarms and module status.

The ADAM-6000 delivers a cost-effective distributed monitoring and control solution that aims to satisfy and simplify applications from monitoring, facility management, factory and machine automation.

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