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POC-155 panel PC available from Advantech

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Medicap was founded in 1998 to develop an image capture solution for surgeons and operating theatre staff.

Medicap has developed popular, advanced software in combination with sophisticated medical grade panel PC hardware to provide a cutting edge system for the global market.

To complement their software system, Medicap designed a fully networked panel PC to house their video capture hardware and run the data imaging application.

The PC was implemented to ensure effective application of data, and the main implementation criteria being timely delivery, ease of use, readable display, ergonomic comfort and comprehensive, fault-free computing power.

The entire system must comply with stringent requirements established by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and be certifiable according to the EN60601-1 standard for Medical Grade Electrical Equipment.

Medicap selected the Advantech POC-155 for the following reasons:

  • The computer is already certified to the EN60601-1 standard. Therefore, when combined with Medicap software, the entire system meets TGA approval
  • The touchscreen and enclosure can be cleaned with medical / surgical grade cleaning agents
  • PCI expansion available to accommodate the Medicap video capture card

Following each operation, the surgeon in charge must provide a full report to the recovery ward detailing immediate results of the procedure and a prognosis for the patient’s care.

Prior to installing the Medicap application, this wrap-up process usually required over an hour or more.

With Medicap running on the POC-155, it became feasible to generate the full report, complete with images, before the patient had arrived from the operating theatre and post-op to the recovery ward.

“The Medicap system has greatly enhanced the level of patient care provided to post-operative patients, by producing up to date procedure reporting. Our surgeons have benefited enormously, too: now, they can finalise their reports right after the procedure is complete, and they don’t have to wait for their reports to be typed; everything’s at their fingertips, instantly accessible.”


The Medicap system comprises four main components:

  • POC-155 panel PC
  • Medicap software
  • An internal high-definition video capture card
  • A remote control device for video capture control

Surgeons have been pleased with the highly effective system. They can easily handle the remote control to capture invaluable photos and video during surgery without interrupting ongoing procedures.

The Medicap system is supported by network peripherals like printers and flash drives.

Medical practitioners can quickly produce and store reports and images, and at the same time, create detailed, illustrated presentations for their students.

Medicap found the POC-155 panel PC proved to be the ideal platform to support its highly versatile software. The POC-155 panel PC empowers professionals to produce effective results for data imaging, report writing and instruction.


  • Significantly reduce administrative overhead and processing time
  • Improve quality and delivery of surgical reports to the recovery ward
  • Allows the recovery ward to prepare for a patient prior to arrival
  • Surgeons can document and archive entire procedures for reference, or for training purposes

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