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New analogue output card released by Advantech

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Advantech has released a new ISA-compatible analogue output PCI card, the PCI-1727U. The PCI-1727U is the successor of the PCL-727 ISA card, and is fully backwards compatible with all its programming and peripherals.

Featuring 12 analogue output channels with 14-bit resolution, the PCI-1727U is capable of outputting +/- 10V and 0~20mA current loop. This new card is also equipped with 32 TTL DI/O channels that are suitable for industrial on/off control applications. Designed with a Universal PCI bus, the PCI card is compatible with both 3.3V & 5V signalling.

The new PCI card is compatible with ISA cards’ functions, connectors and Windows DLL drivers. With this feature, ISA users can upgrade to the PCI platform, and instantly enjoy the improved performance and enhanced features. Furthermore, with connector compatibility, ISA users can also keep all PCL-727 accessories, including wiring boards and circuits. The ISA-compatible card uses the same software API as ISA cards, so there is no need to rewrite programming when upgrading.

PCI-1727U features synchronised analogue output functionality, which allows users to control multiple devices simultaneously without lag. This feature is necessary in applications such as dual-system or system applications, with many devices running in parallel.

The PCI-1727U successfully achieves high density output, allowing more PCI slots and utilising space in the chassis more efficiently. Meanwhile, a DB-37 connector is used to provide connectivity to 37-pin accessories, such as Advantech’s ADAM-3937, and the PCL-10137 series.

All Advantech’s new Industrial AO cards feature an anti-glitch design. This feature counters the power glitches that some users experience when powering on, which can cause controlled devices to experience minor power fluctuations during the PC power-up. For several applications, this is undetectable, but in some cases power glitches may damage sensitive circuits with sudden high-voltage impulses. Now, with Advantech’s anti-glitch design, users have the peace of mind that no unexpected power glitches will occur at startup.

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