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New Q965 Industrial MicroATX Motherboard from Advantech

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Advantech  has unveiled a new Intel Q965-based industrial microATX motherboard that boasts a strong feature set. The AIMB-564 supports Intel Core2 Duo processors, and implements Active Management Technology (AMT) that enables remote management. Ample drive connections for up to seven SATA II and an eSATA HDD are designed with software RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 support, which make the AIMB-564 an ideal platform for storage-demanding applications such as surveillance. Good media performance and I/O and support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for enhanced security make it ideal for gaming as well as digital signage, kiosks, and point-of-sale terminals.

Good computing and graphics capabilities

The AIMB-564 is an LGA775 socket microATX motherboard powered by an Intel Q965/ICH8DO chipset. It supports Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, or Celeron processors, for low-wattage computing performance. It can handle up to 8 GB of dual-channel DDR2 533/667/800 MHz memory, with a 1066/800/533 MHz FSB. Multitasking capacity and memory management are built in, along with good video and audio performance. Full support of Windows Vista 64-bit and DirectX 10 make this board ready for enhanced high-end graphics, with lush 3D visual detail. And on-board, 8-channel High Definition surround sound puts audio performance in the top ranks too.

TPM and AMT-based security

The AIMB-564 implements Trusted Platform Module support; Advantech provides an optional TPM chip that can be plugged in to the board for the added security of boot drive encryption, key and password storage, digital authentication, and hardened file protection. In addition to safeguarding operation and data, another TPM benefit is high quality random number generation, which can be useful for gaming machines. Another added value is Intel Active Management Technology that allows administrators to remotely diagnose, manage, and cure systems, regardless of the power state or OS condition on those systems. If a technician can boot, diagnose, reboot and recover a system without physically going to a site, it can reduce downtime and also operating costs—two obvious benefits, especially for unmanned installations.

Massive storage

The AIMB-564 combines processing power with mass storage, I/O, and memory options. Seven SATA II connectors, along with robust ICH8DO RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 support, are ideal for surveillance applications, where large amounts of data need to be retained. And if seven internal hard drives are not enough, an eSATA connector allows the attachment of an external JBOD stack. In addition to the onboard VGA, one PCIe x16, one PCIe x4, and two PCI slots provide for graphics, capture, and add-on cards.

Great I/O connectivity

Fast processing and good graphics are ideal for gaming applications. Systems built on this board can deliver high end graphics, 8-channel HD surround sound, motion control, joystick feedback, whatever you want. Ten USB 2.0 ports, one serial port, one parallel port, and two IEEE 1394 connectors endow this board with abundant connection opportunities. LAN connectivity is covered by one 10/100/1000 Base-T Intel 82566DM Gigabit Ethernet port.

With a five-year minimum of assured product availability, the AIMB-564 offers system integrators the peace of mind of a stable supply. It fully supports Microsoft® Windows XP, 2000, and Vista, and DirectX 10.


  • Intel Q965 chipset 533/800/1066 MHz FSB
  • Supports Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • Dual channel DDR2 533/667/800 SDRAM up to 8 GB
  • Chipset integrated VGA sharing 256 MB system memory
  • PCIe x16 slot expansion
  • Supports SATA RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Supports single 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet via dedicated PCIe x1 bus
  • TPM support via optional daughter board
  • AMT built-in

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