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New Point-of-Care terminal provides increased protection against water and dust penetration

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Advantech  introduces the new POC-W211 Point-of-Care terminal with IP54 rating for the entire enclosure for use in a wide range of medical environments.

Available from Advantech, a leader in providing a wide range of certified medical computing systems and services, the new Point-of-Care terminal provides protection from water and dust, ensures easy cleaning, and adds safety for patients and staff.

POC-W211 is designed for a wide array of applications from operating rooms and intensive care units, to nursing stations and other locations throughout the medical centre. Combined with Advantech’s exclusive POC_Link remote management software, this specialised high-performance Energy Star qualified system is powerful, energy efficient, and easy to manage, and can be remotely managed via a centralised web-based console from anywhere in the hospital.

Design features also include a slim fanless system with 21.5” multi-touch display (PCAP option available) and Intel Core i7 1.5 GHz processor (2610-UE) delivering excellent performance and graphics.

Fully-enclosed casing with IP54 rating prevents ingress of water and dust

Featuring a full-enclosure casing that meets IP54 certification, the POC-W211 Point-of-Care terminal ensures protection against water and dust penetration and allows for easy cleaning. The protected design prevents critical parts of the system from coming in contact with contaminants or infectious agents and is recommended for all areas where bacteria control is required.

Energy Star qualified POC-W211 adheres to stringent testing

Energy Star is an international standard set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, adherence to which signifies that the POC-W211 Point-of-Care terminal is among the most efficient devices in its class on the market. Typically there is a 20~30% reduction in energy consumption by devices that pass the stringent third-party tests necessary for certification.

Always accessible on the wire with Advantech’s exclusive POC_Link

POC_Link adds centralised remote management capabilities to POC-W211. Based on Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT), the software allows for remote control ‘on the wire’. The web-based interface is modular and offers features such as OS-logoff, data transfer, monitoring of critical component temperatures, fan speeds, network status, and battery information. IT staff can remotely load the OS, update drivers, modify BIOS settings, and perform other system administration tasks via remote-KVM controls, saving time and cost, and reducing outages.

Great engineering, great execution – Feature-packed

Excellent I/O bandwidth, memory handling, and superb graphics performance ensure that the POC-W211 Point-of-Care terminal performs optimally. While its fanless design ensures noise-free computing and limits electromagnetic interference with other equipment, the multi-touch 21.5” display optionally supports PCAP, a technology that offers better light transmission, a harder surface area made of glass, and increased sensitivity. Optional features also include Bluetooth, RFID, WLAN and more.

Strict reliability demonstration testing (RDT) allows Advantech to proudly offer a three-year warranty for the high performance medical computing device.

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