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Low cost wireless gateway modules

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article image Advantech's view of how serial, wireless and Ethernet networks work together.

TWO new wireless gateway modules from Advantech provide a quick and low-cost method for connecting RS-232/422/485 devices to an 802.11b wireless LAN.

The new ADAM-4570W has two serial ports, while ADAM-4571W has one serial port. The easily adjustable wireless LAN antenna ensures uninterrupted communication in harsh environments.

Wireless solutions have growing popularity in industrial communication applications such as factory automation, environmental monitoring systems and others.

Wireless solutions provide a quicker and lower-cost solution to connect existing serial devices to 802.11b WLAN, which quickly expands the industrial network. ADAM-4570W and ADAM-4571W saves costs when existing hardware and software must continue to be used.

Both modules support infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode. By using infrastructure mode, the ADAM modules can communicate with other network devices by an access point, with ad hoc mode, two WLAN-enabled devices can communicate directly with each other over a distance of 100 metres without an access point.

ADAM-4570W and ADAM-4571W come with a Microsoft Windows configuration and port-mapping utility which can auto-detect all 802.11b wireless LAN Data Gateway products on the local network.

Wireless LAN gateways extend wireless networking capabilities for many common devices like printers, scales, medical equipment, manufacturing machinery, bar code readers, card readers, point-of-sale equipment, and many more.

Like other products in the ADAM series, both ADAM-4570W and ADAM-4571W are designed for mounting on DIN 35 rail or panels, and can also be piggyback stacked.

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