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Half-size CPU card with VGA/LCD/Ethernet

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article image Advantech’s new half size CPU card.

ADVANTECH has released its new half-size CPU card, the PCA-6772, offering on-board VIA lox power CPU, Eden 400 or Ezra 800.

The VIA Eden processor uses advanced 0.13μ CMOS technology with 128kB L1 cache memory and 64kB L2 cache memory on die.

With the Eden400 CPU, the PCA-6772 can operate quietly without the need for a fan, up to 60°C, and consumes under 14 watts whilst supporting numerous peripherals.

Other features of the PCA-6772 include a 4X AGP controller, a PCI Ethernet interface, and 18-bit TTL interface. Its design is based on the half-sized CPU card and supports ISA bus extension.

It has an FDD, LPT, 2 USBs, and 2 serial ports. The SSD solution supports CompactFlash cards.

Ideal for firewalls, VPN or gateways, the PCM-6772 supports 3 10/100Mbps Ethernet connections with on-board RJ-45 connectors.

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