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article image PCM-3350 with GX1-300 onboard processor.

ADVANTECH has introduced a new Geode GX1-300 PC/104 CPU card. The PCM-3350, with its GX1-300 onboard processor and low power, fanless performance, is a high speed, low power PC/104 product.

The stable Geode processor offers on-chip PCI VGA for VGA and TFT LCD support, and has an Intel 82559 high performance Ethernet chip. It offers the ability to stack a full range of PC/104 modules such as sound, PCMCIA, GPS, additional LAN, and others, expanding the range of applications.

The PCM-3350 is suitable for rugged industrial applications typically associated with PC/104 boards. The unit’s processor/system chipset also makes it suitable for applications such as medical equipment, small Internet appliances, mobile applications and other embedded controllers.

The GX1 processor provides low power consumption and high speed. The processors also support most popular web plug-ins and use existing software and hardware investments. The GX1 processor features 0.18μ technology and enables 300MHz capability, but uses less power than most CPUs in its performance class.

The PCM-3350 measures 96mm x 90mm. It is a suitable 586-level upgrade for the PCM-3346 486 DX66 CPU module. Because it retains the same pin layout configuration, it can quickly plug in to any existing PCM-3346 application.

The unit has 256KB Flash memory, a 144-pin SODIMM socket which can accept up to 128MB SDRAM, and support for up to two EIDE devices with BIOS auto-detect, PIO Mode 3 or Mode 4 transfer, Ultra DMA33 mode (ATA-4) up to 33MB/sec.

The PCM-3350 supports up to two FDDs plus one serial RS232 port and one RS232/422/485 port. There are two USB 1.0 compliant ports, one parallel port and a mini-DIN connector that supports a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse.

There is a Compact Flash socket that can act as an emulated hard drive as well. An 18-bit TFT LCD panel is supported with flat panel display resolution up to 1024 x 768 at 18bpp. Non-interlaced CRT monitor resolutions up to 1024 x 768 at 24bpp are also supported.

The PCM-3350 also has APM 1.1 power management, an infrared port and watchdog timer support.

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