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article image PCM-5820 with on-board, embedded Pentium-class Cyrix GXM-233 processor.

ADVANTECH 's new PCM-5820 is a 3.5" HDD-size SBC with an on-board, embedded Pentium-class Cyrix GXM-233 processor. Other on-board features include VGA/LCD, audio, a Compact Flash Card socket, and 100Base-T Ethernet.

The board provides a feature-packed, Pentium-level, hassle-free solution for space critical applications.

System engineers can use the board to upgrade 486-based systems to Pentium-level. As the Pentium-level Cyrix GXM-233 processor is mounted directly on board, configuration and installation is easier because there is no need to set any jumpers for speed or voltage between various CPUs.

In addition to ease of configuration, the CPU has been designed to operate in environments with temperatures of up to 60°C without need of a fan, reducing the failure rate experienced with units that have a fan.

Besides an on-board CPU, the new card has 100Base-T Ethernet, 16-bit Sound Blaster-compatible audio and VGA/LCD. UMA architecture supports VGA memory sharing of up to 4MB. 18-bit TFT LCD's are also supported, as is LVDS.

Special expansion features include one SO DIMM socket (up to 128MB), two USB ports and one infrared port, among others. The card also features an SSD socket for Compact Flash Disks ranging from 4MB to 40MB. An option which Advantech offers includes the PCM-5820 and a 10MB Compact Flash Disk preloaded with Windows CE ver. 2.1.

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