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Distributed control I/O system

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ADVANTECH has announced another addition to its ADAM family -- the ADAM-8000, a distributed control I/O system.

In order to enhance ADAM functionality in critical control applications, the ADAM-8000 was designed as a deterministic I/O system to meet the discrete, deterministic, robust and reliable requirements.

With the ADAM-8000, the ADAM family has become a fully functionable product group, with data acquisiton modules, Ethernet I/O modules and control I/O system.

Its modular design can be configured as a control system by selecting preferred CPU, communication interface, and various I/O modules.

Different from other PLC, the ADAM-8000 shows its spec. advantages in:

* Easy for module expansion backplne design.

* Supporting all popular Fieldbus modules : Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen.

* Supporting Ethernet communication for eWorld connection.

* Low cost ownership for all purpose I/O modules.

* Industrial standard, easy-to-use control strategic configuration tool.

* Through Fieldbus networking, the ADAM-8000 can be configured as a remote I/O system.

With the above advantages, the ADAM-8000 has become the latest I/O system, which not only covers the PLC’s domain market but also support modern PC-based control solution.

In order to bring eAutomation concept in factory floor, the ADAM-8000 plays a key element as a fundamental control I/O system for the entire eAutomation architecture.

With distributed type, multi-function and flexible communication, the ADAM-8000 can be widly installed in factory automation, motion control, process automation and building automation.

The ADAM-8000 can work collaboratively with Advantech's web-based gateway, WebLINK, and web-based HMI/SCADA software, A-Studio, to construct a modern state-of-the-art web-enabled control system with guaranteed low-cost of ownership.

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