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Create custom, high-performance video walls with new Matrox Mura MPX-enabled solutions from Advantech

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article image Advantech solutions validated with Mura display wall controller boards will enable easy deployment of custom video walls
Matrox Graphics Inc. is partnering with global embedded computing leader Advantech to launch a new portfolio of video wall solutions.

Advantech motherboards, chassis and controllers validated with Mura display wall controller boards will enable worldwide OEMs, system integrators, resellers and installers to easily deploy custom video walls.

The Matrox-validated product range includes industrial motherboards and chassis as well as AVS series controllers that support up to two or five Matrox Mura MPX Series output/input video wall controller boards.

The AVS series controllers will drive up to 8 HD outputs/ 8 HD inputs and 20 HD outputs/ 20 HD inputs respectively, providing OEMs, system integrators, resellers and installers with the opportunity to build world-class, high-impact video walls for various applications such as presentations, signage, control rooms, security and surveillance, and public and private venues.

The newly-developed series of Advantech motherboards, chassis, and two (AVS-240 and AVS-290) or five (AVS-540) Mura MPX board-based systems encourage versatile video wall system development, thanks to Mura’s single-slot, 4-output/4-input board design, as well as its PCI Express (PCIe) x 16 Gen2 architecture, which leverages 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer for uncompromising full HD performance.

The multifunctional Mura MPX boards are also equipped to capture, scale, position and display a variety of input sources including High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant devices across an array of monitors, projectors, cubes and other outputs.

According to Franz Wei, Vice President of Advantech Embedded Systems Group, the development of video wall technology has changed basic lifestyles with digital signage, stage broadcasting, surveillance, factory automation and transportation all active behind the scenes.

He adds that video wall performance continues to improve while total cost of ownership goes down, thanks to computer, network, and display technology advancements, making video walls one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT and digital electronics industries.

Advantech is therefore collaborating with ecosystem partners to develop premium video wall solutions to fulfil the market demand.
Helgi Sigurdsson, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc believes that the partnership opens up several possibilities for the video wall market, enabling customers to not only purchase pre-configured solutions for simple deployments, but also conveniently choose from a variety of Matrox-validated Advantech motherboard/chassis plus Mura MPX board combinations to deliver customised controller systems geared to meet specific video wall requirements.

Key features of Advantech video wall solutions:

  • Optimised BIOS supports multiple Mura MPX cards
  • Data bus architecture optimised for zero-latency video data switching
  • Wide operating temperature range provides high reliability in the field
  • High-efficiency power solution meets multiple Mura MPX power requirements
  • Video wall can be remotely monitored and controlled

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