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Complete remote Modbus I/O solution

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ADVANTECH is introducing the ADAM-4000 Modbus series, aimed at integrating with SCADA/PLC/DCS systems as a complete remote I/O solution.

The Modbus protocol has become a de facto standard for data exchange and information communication in industrial network applications targeting facility automation markets.

The 4000 series consists of:

* ADAM-4017+ analogue input.

* ADAM-4018+ T/C input.

* ADAM-4015 RTD input.

* ADAM-4024 analogue output.

* ADAM-4051/4055 digital input/output.

* ADAM-4068 relay output modules.

The total Modbus I/O series supports Modbus/RTU protocol as the remote data transmission mechanism, providing easy-integration to any controller bearing Modbus/RTU standard.

In addition to Modbus network support, these ADAM-4000 modules also feature a robust and intelligent design of system diagnostic function and safety setting capability, offering users an easy-to-use, cost-effective remote monitoring and control system.

With built-in Modbus/RTU protocol, the ADAM-4000 Modbus I/O is endowed with easy plug-in system integration capabilities.

Aside from effortless integration with controllers carrying Modbus/RTU standard, the ADAM-4572 can upgrade the ADAM-4000 I/O modules to the Modbus/TCP Ethernet layer.

Moreover, most HMI software is bundled with Modbus drivers and can access the ADAM-4000 I/O directly.

Different from other ADAM I/O modules, the ADAM-4000 Modbus I/O proves itself more robust and reliable by providing multi-type signal input and diverse signal range settings.

It offers users a self-diagnostic design with burned-out detection function when problems with wire openings occur. These functionalities enable system reliability in environment monitoring, power SCADA monitoring, and factory automation markets.

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