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ADVANTECH is introducing the new ADAM-6000 temperature measurement and control series, consisting of ADAM-6022 dual-loop temperature control module, ADAM-6015 7-channel RTD input module, and ADAM-6018 8-channel thermocouple input module.

The comprehensive temperature measurement and control solution provides users with high-speed Ethernet communication interface as well as built-in web page to allow browsing module status anywhere.

Adopting a fast Ethernet network, these temperature modules support Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP & UDP Ethernet protocols to enable easy system integration and strong communication performance. Built-in web pages permit users to adopt standard web pages or customise their web pages via Advantech's JAVA Applet example program.

The new ADAM-6022 PID dual-loop controller targets temperature control applications. With control algorithm built-in, it provides two analogue output, six analogue input, two digital output, and two digital input channels combined into one module.

Users can fill the parameters (Pv, Mv, & Sv) and set the operation mode (Auto/Manual/Free) through an easy-to-access utility software. Target markets include building automation and facility temperature control systems.

The new ADAM-6015 7-channel RTD input module accepts a wide range of RTD sensor types, including Pt100, Pt1000, Ni50, Ni508, and Balco 500 series.

Multi-input ranges are allowed in one module, creating a cost-effective solution. The ADAM-6015 supports open wiring diagnostic function which warns operators when the sensor wire is broken. It specifically aims at building and factory temperature monitoring applications.

The ADAM-6018 8-channel thermocouple input module is a solution for T/C data acquisition based on the Ethernet. In addition to 8 T/C input channels, the ADAM-6018 is also equipped with 8 digital output channels such as auxiliary alarm outputs or pure outputs.

Last but not the least, the ADAM-6018 comes with an external DIN-rail terminal board for wiring between the ADAM-6018 module and the field sensor.

This special wiring mechanism greatly enhances the accuracy and reliability for thermocouple measurement in environmental and facility monitoring applications.

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