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Advantech launches new Gigabit Ethernet switches with dedicated priority ports

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article image Advantech EKI-3525 Ethernet switch

The Advantech Industrial Automation Group announces the introduction of their latest range of ‘light industrial’ unmanaged switches.
The new EKI-3000 series includes five- and eight-port Ethernet switches in both 10/100 and Gigabit versions. Featuring dedicated priority ports, up to 60% reduction in power consumption, smart diagnostics, and support for Gigabit data transmission, the new Ethernet switches are ideal for a host of industrial automation functions.

Priority ports prioritise the traffic coming over the ports, delaying data of less importance over the remaining ports. This is especially useful for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming where latency would cause problems.

Key features of EKI-3000 series Ethernet switches:

  • Smart diagnostic functions help discover system faults without painstaking port analysis
  • Advanced power saving functions save up to 60% on power consumption in energy sensitive applications
  • Power saved by shutting down ports that have no link and budgeting power based on the length of the Ethernet cable
  • Meets IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Standard
  • EKI-3725 and EKI-2728 models with Gigabit Ethernet for fast data transmission speeds for high definition video streaming and sustaining constantly high traffic loads
  • EKI-3525 and 3528 models with 10/100Mbps ports for applications that don’t require Gigabit Ethernet but still need the priority ports, energy saving and quick diagnostics

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