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Advantech launches a new range of ST Optical Fibre modules

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Advantech has introduced the first two modules in a new series of ST connectors, the ADAM-6541/ST, an Ethernet to multi-mode ST fibre optic converter, and the ADAM-6521/ST, a 5-port industrial 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch with one multi-mode fibre optic ST port.
The ST title refers to the new type of fibre optic connector that these modules feature, which are designed as a plug and socket that lock with a half-twist bayonet lock (similar to BNC), for an extremely secure connection.
The ADAM connectors and converters feature a wide operation protection and long distance transmissions. With fibre-optic capabilities, noise can be prevented and transmission can be implemented over distances of up to 15 km. Moreover, fibre-optic transmissions are quicker and reliable than standard Ethernet transmissions.
The two ADAM ST products also feature three different mounting options, DIN-rail, wall/panel and piggyback stack. The three designs provide convenient installation in any environment, and reduce installation costs.

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