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Advantech celebrates its 30th birthday with global cycling events

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Global industrial platform computing and automation device supplier Advantech will be commemorating its 30th anniversary in 2013. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion the company is launching a worldwide biking event dubbed ‘Cycling with Advantech @ 30’. 

Advantech was founded in 1983 and has come a long way since, Advantech chairman and CEO, KC Liu said.

"The first decade of Advantech was like all other enterprises, just hoping to survive in a challenging environment. But as we entered the second decade, a stable foothold was established and we began to expand our global sites. 

“Then, as we stepped into the third decade, Advantech began to give back and share its achievements and resources with education, the arts, charities and other caring organisations, thereby actively contributing to the whole of society. And now, looking to the future, Advantech would like to pass on this heritage and altruistic spirit of business."

The ‘Cycling with Advantech @ 30’ event has been established to highlight the company’s core values through a series of biking activities. 

“These cycling activities incorporate two levels of importance, one of which symbolises the Advantech enterprise development flywheel which keeps on turning and moving forward. 

“The second encourages global Advantech colleagues and partners to join us in healthy cycling activities whilst learning about Advantech's heritage and innovative, forward looking spirit of enterprise," KC Liu said.

The cycling tour kicked off in Taichung city, in central Taiwan with more than 200 employees, partners and customers participating in the 30 km journey.

Advantech will continuously roll out these biking events in various cities worldwide, including a one thousand strong ride in Taipei city and another in Melbourne, which is being held on Wednesday, March 27th 2013. 

For more information on these events email info@advantech.net.au

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