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Food auditing courses available from Advancing Food Safety

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article image Food auditing courses available from Advancing Food Safety.

Advancing Food Safety is a registered training organisation (RTO) through VETAB to provide national competencies from the Food Processing; Hospitality Retail; and Health Care Training Packages (selected courses) relating to Food Safety and Food Safety Supervisor requirements as applicable.

The following auditing courses are also available from AFS:

  • Audit a Cook Chill Process: These courses outline the requirements to support a food safety audit of a processing facility that manufactures heat-processed foods distributed as chilled products with defined shelf life. The Audit a Cook Chill Process Courses include identification of microbiological, chemical and physical food safety hazards that may be present in cook chill products, determination of risk, process control methodologies, and validation, verification and testing techniques.These are practical and hands-on courses which also cover equipment design components required to meet regulatory requirements and maintain control. On successful assessment, candidates will be issued with a certificate of competency for FDFFSCC4A – Audit a cook chill process.
  • Audit a Heat Treatment Process: These are practical, hands-on courses which outline the requirements for a food safety audit that include heat treatment processes designed to bring about defined logarithmic reduction of the target organism in order to produce safe food. The Audit a Heat Treatment Process courses include target microbiological organisms that could present a risk in the food at the point of consumption if left untreated, and the required heat treatment processes and control requirements necessary to ensure safe food. Validation, verification and testing protocols necessary to maintain control and meet regulatory requirements are also covered.
Audit a Ready-to-eat Manufactured Meat Process and Food Safety Auditor Refresher Courses are also available from AFS.

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