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Customized internal training courses from Advancing Food Safety

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article image Customized internal training courses from Advancing Food Safety

Advancing Food Safety is a registered training organisation (RTO) through VETAB to provide national competencies from the Food Processing; Hospitality Retail; and Health Care Training Packages (selected courses) relating to Food Safety and Food Safety Supervisor requirements as applicable.

AFS offers customized internal training courses, the perfect solution to get staff up to speed while working a busy schedule.  These training courses are also a great way to stay ahead of competitors and ensure customers have the highest quality of food preparation and safety.

AFS Food Safety Training courses can be presented “internally”, at customers’ premises for a minimum of 10 staff at a reduced per-head price. This ensures staff are trained in the required skills at the same level. Besides, this internal training courses have the added advantage of allowing customers’ to add specific examples directly relating to specific operations into the course content.

In addition to the portfolio of public courses, AFS also offers courses specifically targeted at plant personnel, including:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for shop-floor staff (2-4 hours depending on the need)
  • HACCP Validation and Verification (one day)
  • Food Safety for Engineers and Maintenance Staff (4 hours) 
  • Meeting legal and customer requirements ("due diligence") for senior management and/or owner operators (2-4 hours depending upon needs)
  • Pest Control Management (4 hours)
  • Recall Management and Controls (one day)

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