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Pallet Flow Storage Systems from Advanced Warehouse Solutions

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Advanced Warehouse Solutions  offers versatile and robust pallet racking solutions for LIFO applications.

These solutions include slide-in carts designed to handle a diverse range of storage containers and load carriers. The pallet movements are operator-assisted using gravity.

The carts facilitate efficient deep-storage of two to six pallets in Last-In-First-Out applications.

The ultra-flat cart design offers more storage levels enhancing storage capacity.

No forklift activity is required in the rack storage lane. The carts can also be used for buffer purposes such as interim storage of goods for transfer later to dynamic FIFO-based systems.

The AWS product range in the Dynamic Storage Business Unit is classified into two families: 

  • Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow

Both families feature the specific products, Roller Flow and Wheel Flow. Additionally, Pallet Flow includes the product, Cart Pushback.

Flow storage systems are space-saving and compact; there are no intermediate aisles and the system features only one input and one output aisle.

All products are available by the shortest route in one aisle. It is a fast and cost-effective distribution system for assorted products.

Flow storage systems enable simple, structured stock control with unlimited flexibility and tailor-made design and layout.

A conventional system needs double the space and more aisles, meaning 7-8 times longer travel routes for the operators. Consequently, more forklift truck drivers are needed while retrieval and dispatch takes much more time.

Key features of the flow storage systems:

  • Automatic control by date
  • Automatic control by quantity
  • First in - first out (FIFO) system
  • Permanent inventory control
  • Guaranteed dynamic inventory
  • Compact and space-saving system (conventional storage systems use 60-100% more space)
  • No intermediate aisles: Only one for loading and replenishment plus one for unloading or picking
  • Fast handling and picking: Goods are always available at the picking place
  • Low maintenance
  • No energy consumption
  • Long life expectancy
  • High rentability: ROI mostly in less than 2 years
  • Low labour costs with lesser operators required
  • Reduced forklift truck operation

Advanced Warehouse Solutions has developed strong expertise in design, consulting, quality and installation based on more than 1.5 million pallet positions built and installed in the last 25 years.  

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