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All too often one reads or hears of workplace accidents when they are reported in the media. In some instances the reports end up on the evening news or the current affairs shows because the employer didn't provide a safe enough working environment or provide adequate safety training for their personnel.

These days, Australian employers are obliged by law to ensure they provide a safe working environment and to minimise the possibility of a workplace accident or injury and exposure to adverse health risks. But it is debatable how many actually do.

Some businesses just see health and safety training as an expensive overhead they'd rather not have to deal with. Yet it doesn't have to be that way at all.

Advanced Training Solutions recognises the importance and benefits of a healthy and safe workplace to both employees and employers. It's an easily proven fact that people who feel safe, confident and happy in their working environment perform much better.

The implementation of an appropriate health and safety training scheme brings benefits to all involved. These include -

* An increased awareness of the necessity to be vigilant of workplace hazards by both employees and management alike;

* Reduced lost time and employee absenteeism by eliminating or significantly reducing time off work to recover from workplace related accidents and injuries; and

* Identifying workplace hazards, therefore eliminating or effectively managing them before they become a problem.

Importantly, there are severe implications for businesses that don't have a health and safety training scheme in place. Attributed negligence by not having a health and safety policy could have devastating consequences.

What is also not realised is that insurance companies often offer significant discounted premiums or other incentives to organisations that can demonstrate they have effective health and safety training programs in place.

Advanced Training Solutions not only recognises the importance of health and safety training, but that it also has to be accessible and affordable.

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