Advanced Technology Pneumatics

ATP offers large range flexible polyurethane hose and tubing, polyurethane multitube and multicoil hose.


Supplier news
01/06/07 - ATP Braided polyurethane hose available from Advanced Technology Pneumatics contains an implantation of a sturdy reinforcement polyester braid which produces out-standing durability.
Supplier news
31/05/07 - ATP's polyurethane tubing from Advanced Technology Pneumatics is made of an ether-based, 98 durometre, Shore a material.
Supplier news
27/06/06 - THE LE Series tubing was developed by ATP and is specially designed for use in and around welding equipment or other severe applications. The tubing is constructed of standard ATP polyurethane tubing covered by an olefin flame-resistant layer.
Supplier news
01/06/05 - ADVANCED Technology Pneumatics has introduced a new generation Free-Angle fitting, designed to be attached to pneumatics tools to significantly enhance freedom of movement for the operator.

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