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Parts inspection with reverse engineering

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ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has introduced an extremely fast and accurate parts inspection and reverse engineering system.

Unlike traditional options on the market (which use a slower scanning technology) InspecVision uses powerful 3D software and an ultra-high resolution static camera to convert a single image of an object into millions of measurements.

With a few clicks these measurements can then be used to inspect a part, reverse engineer a part into a dxf which can be used to make copies of that part, or convert printed material or images into dxfs for cutting.

This technology offers many advantages:

* Speed - complete component measurement at speeds of 100 to 7000 (or more) times faster than competing systems.

* Cost - Half to one-third the price of the lowest-priced competing systems.

* Reliability - No moving parts to recalibrate, less to wear out, unlike competing system which have expensive and sensitive scanning lasers or moving cameras.

* Accuracy - No moving parts means near-perfect repeatability and better accuracy.

* Robustness - Unlike competing systems the InspecVision system is extremely tolerant of vibration, dirt and scratches on the glass measurement surface.

Developed by European company InspecVision Ltd, the product has several standard sizes but can easily be configured to dimensions that suit client needs.

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