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Remote CNC access is cutting downtime

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article image ART’s remote access to its machines can alleviate operational and financial issues

Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) is offering a new remote access to its new Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining systems to address operational and financial issues caused by machine breakdowns, especially in mining applications.

The mining industry operates on a gigantic scale with vast mining deployments on almost every continent producing everything from coal, ore, and minerals to various natural resources. These sites must work around the clock to be operationally efficient and productive while minimising downtime from machine breakdowns.

Located deep in Australia’s rugged outback, where 24/7 Internet connectivity is the only way to have connectivity to the outside world and to training, assistance, updates and maintenance services, mining operations have turned to wireless technology to help alleviate operational and financial issues caused by machine breakdowns, by streamlining communications and providing real-time telemetry to help identify and stop problems before they cause costly operational shutdowns and delays.

ART’s remote access to its machines can alleviate operational and financial issues. ART sees the advantages of interactive networking with its CNC routers, plasma cutters and the new Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining systems in three categories: before, during and after production or operation.

ART’s remote access technology can provide job scheduling and production control before start of work by accessing tooling databases, verifying CAD/CAM, or training operators.

During machine operation, the direct connection to ART’s headquarters in Brisbane can provide remote diagnostics and remote operation. Real-time monitoring of position, program and displays is possible from any PC on the network. Machine data can be efficiently gathered and remote monitoring at the management and supervisory level is also possible.

After the job, ART can provide data for productivity analysis along with a permanent record of all machine data before, during and after completion of the job.


Serviceability is one area where the PC-based control is invaluable to remote operations such as mines or oil and gas fields. Troubleshooting diagnostics as well as software upgrades can be executed remotely since much of the machine’s functionality is determined by software, which is externally accessible via the internet.

The diagnostics screen gives readouts on internal machine information, displaying gas selections, inlet pressures, flow settings, temperature and coolant flow. Real English pop-up messages and automatic tests help to verify correct operation. All these features allow users to secure a significantly greater measure of ART’s repair and application support without the physical presence of a service technician. 

Combining remote PC-access software with multimedia capabilities, ART’s ProfileShop V3 touchscreen controller allows a service technician to examine virtually any aspect of control functionality as well as many aspects of the machine itself, regardless of the machine’s physical location, while also interacting with the machine operator via voice and video links.

The service engineer can diagnose and troubleshoot problems or issues with the machine, decreasing service times by providing accurate and real-time information.

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