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CNC routing machines by Advanced Robotic Technology

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The CNC routing machines from Advanced Robotic Technology have all the features essential to business success. With one ART CNC Routing machine it is possible to reduce labour and waste, whilst increasing productivity and flexibility.

At the same time, a business can maintain quality in both product and customer service. Those in the business of manufacturing products from flat panels, such as kitchen and commercial cabinets, store fixtures, furniture, displays, etc. can benefit from ART CNC routing machines.

The CNC routing machines in ART’s range include:

  • the multi–purpose CNC router machine
  • nested based cabinet making CNC router machines
  • aluminium and plate CNC router machines and
  • manufacturing industry specific CNC router machines for applications in heating, ventilation and ducting.
Innovation and change are two concepts that keep ART at the top of the ever evolving manufacturing industry. Their routing machines’ design features include: Motion Control, Spindle Multidrill, Touch Screen, Swarf Transfer System, Software, Process Area, Rotary Tool Changer, Popup Locating Pins, Pusher Bar, Vacuum Matrix Deck, Printer, Laser alignment pointer

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